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Curricular innovation is important as teachers make decisions about practice.
This page will contain links to curriculum websites that support innovation and best practices.


Resources for how to start, implement and extend investigation with young children that last more than the traditional weekly theme AND build upon children's interests.


This is an interesting blog on environments that challenges us to think about the ways in which our environments might actually be causing us to say "NO" a lot.  It also helps us to think about inspiration and not simply replicating, albeit beautiful, environments - but to think carefully about what a particular group of children might need.


See the post on Beautiful Stuff and now think about that work on a large scale - and you have Pop Up Adventure Play.  Based on the Playworker movement in Great Britain, Pop Up Adventure Play promotes child-directed play, creativity, and the idea that children can be trusted to to great things. Nice applications for classrooms and community events.


The Importance of Singing to Your Baby

Four Important Reasons to Include Music

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